About Rockford

Rockford Marketing Corporation (RMC) is a renowned trading company created by a group of professionals and businessmen situated in the area of Tondo, Manila since 1976. The Company is an importer and distributor of quality products from various countries primarily Japanese products from the best known brand, the NEC Brand, specialized in tubular and circular High Grade fluorescent lamps. This is how RMC all started, with learning lighting solutions that best meet the customers’ needs.

In 1981, NEC BRAND was then followed by another Japanese brand PANASONIC, producing high-quality product of water heater. Product exclusivity was in great influence and advantage to the progress of the company for continuously being trusted by most of the leading manufacturers in the world. Therefore in 1990, OSRAM General Lighting was brought here in the Philippines from Germany. OSRAM has extreme confidence and trust in the company for being dedicated and passionate about lighting. RMC shares to the Filipino people OSRAM core values and mission to share the future of light. Up until today, the company is proud to be the sole distributor of OSRAM in the Philippines. ​ Subsequently, in order to keep up with the innovation in lighting changing times that will strengthen the of competitive edge of the company during that time, RMC has gone into manufacturing. Thus, “LIGHTMASTER MANUFACTURING CORPORATION” was established in 2003, the company’s expertise in the areas of lighting fixtures and other related services. And recently, has acquired one of the major manufacturer of high-quality ballast and has been brought here from Germany to the Philippines, MAY & CHRISTE.

In 2007, RMC decided to introduce ORBIK as its own brand into the Philippines to engage in the local marketing and sale of various lighting products. RMC has put all there knowledge and experience in lighting into ORBIK products to give their customers the value they deserve. ORBIK, the light experts pride themselves in not only producing reliable and quality items but also educate customers in purchasing which item suits their needs best. ​ For almost Forty years of experience, the ROCKFORD MARKETING CORPORATION still bond with the best quality of creative innovation, stable evolution, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company will maintain in the attitude of dealing with consciousness of service and innovation, to explore and pursue, to improve the aptitude of the staff or working body, to enhance product quality, to fortify our competition ability, to head for the way of our new remarkable venture.


Light is Efficient

When Light is used properly, its efficiency can reach to a minimum of 85%. ORBIK as the light experts pride ourselves in not only producing reliable and quality items to give our customers the value they deserve but we also always maximize efficiency of light.


By providing advanced solutions to customers that best meets proper illumination and visualization. We educate customers in purchasing which item suits their needs best.


Quality, Focus, and Trust.