Orbik is produced from various Asian countries, with its orgins from different standards of quality. This was developed 10 years ago with the idea of catering to the C market, and B2B for hard wares.



Panasonic Philippines has a wide selection of shower heater. From single point to multipoint electric shower heaters.



Osho brings the best bidet toilet seats on the market at affordable price. It comes in Manual and Electric toilet seats with anti-bacterial, easy-cleaning, and moisture-proof features.



For 30 years, it has been producing and manufacturing in Argentina a wide range of products for industrial, commercial and residential lighting.


LightMaster Manufacturing Corp. 

A joint venture of Taiwan and Singapore group of companies in lighting fittings merged to consolidate its wide range of experience and expertise in manufacturing and designs.


May & Christe Manufacturer of Lighting Components

May & Christe, is a 70 year old German brand w/ an ISO certified Manufacturing plant in the Phils, producing Lighting Devices for Local and Asean Market



Esser by Honeywell

A broad, future-oriented portfolio of custom-made fire protection concepts and innovative voice evacuation systems



As a leading manufacturer of soldering equipment, Taiyo is the expert in innovation, precision processing, and energy-saving methods, providing customers with top quality products.



LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading companies in the lighting industry and wants to redefine the role of light in a connected world. For this we have established our own product brand LEDVANCE for innovative luminaires, smart lighting solutions as well as electronic components.


T&J Orbik

Trusted by top hotels and facilities. T&J Orbik have a strong affinity for design and an expansive line of products to offer to professionals.



OSRAM makes a key contribution to solve the problems of today. Digitalization opens up a variety of new possibilities extending far beyond a simple “On” and “Off” of light sources.