Providing Business & Corporate Solutions

With 40 years of experience delivering expert home solutions and teaming up with the biggest brands and companies in the industry, Rockford Marketing Corporation has not only developed relationships with its partners but have fostered fruitful ones with our customers as well.

Because we are dedicated to bringing people innovative yet efficient products and home solutions, we have partnered with brands that we believe can provide consumers with high-quality home solutions. Some of our top partnered brands have grown to become staples in the industry such as Panasonic, Osram Ledvance, and T&J Orbik. 

Rockford operates on a business to business; this means that we sell products on the website with a minimum purchase of (insert minimum purchase) of either wholesale or by item so that other establishments such as retailers can resell. Each product has a minimum purchase required, which you can see when you view your chosen product. 

Today, several retailers such as Ace Hardware, MC Home Depot, CW Home Depot, Wilcon Depot, True Value, House of Italy, Metal-Lite, Handyman, DIY Hardware, and all electrical hardware stores, carry our brands. You will also find our brands in hotels, restaurants, and other prominent establishments as well. 

We aim to go beyond home solutions and further serve every architecture, construction, and interior design need. One of our goals is to become the go-to partner in turning visions into reality.

If you are interested in partnering with us and carrying some of our brand’s products, please email us at and we’ll gladly send you more details.